We are credited for working with the most reasonable and fair cleaning fees in Twickenham. It is like this because we use a special calculator that permits us to take into account the unique details of each sanitation projects and therefore easily fit into even the smallest cleaning budgets.

Amazing sanitation fees

We always offer to our clients in Twickenham cleaning services that give them the best value for their money and if you doubt our claim here are several samples that will prove our statement.

  • £89 is the price for which we will carry out a per or post tenancy cleaning of a studio flat (carpet excluded)
  • Double oven (three racks) will cost you £63
  • We charge £12.5 per hour per cleaner for a domestic cleaning job
  • Office contract sanitation options begin from £10 per hour per cleaner for 3 to 5 hours a week
  • £22 is the price for the cleaning of a small carpet (up to 10m2)
  • Have your office chair cleaned for £5 per chair
  • The sanitation of a king size mattress will cost you £48
  • We clean half-length curtains for £17
  • £2 is the rate for jet washing per square metre (minimum is £45)
  • Hard floor cleaning starts from £2 per square metre